Book Room

All textbook materials are entered in the LRC circulation software.  To review materials checked out, LOG IN to the Online Catalog "Follett Universal Search" with your school I.D. and password. Click "Bookbag" then Checkoutsl,  the materials currently checked out will display.

Students receive textbooks during materials pickup days prior to the start of the school year. If textbooks are not picked up during those days, students may pick them up the first few days of the school year. New students will received their textbooks when they register.

The book room handles the circulation of supplemental classroom materials check out at various times during the school year.

Book Room Policies and Guidelines

  1. The textbooks that are issued to you are the property of Community Unit School District #303 and/or the State of Illinois. You rent these books and you are responsible for the proper care of them. 
  2. Your textbooks are not considered returned until they have been checked in at the Book Room or LRC. 
  3. Write your name in your books. It is also a good idea to write the book “barcode” numbers down and keep a record of them. You must return the book with the barcode number that was issued to you. Returning a book with the same title but not the same barcode number does NOT clear you obligations.
  4. Books will not be issued to students who have outstanding obligations. All overdue books must be returned or paid for and all fines must be paid before new books will be issued.
  5. It is your responsibility to inspect the books you are issued for damage, especially water damage, before leaving the Bookroom Area. If you find any damage done to textbooks by previous book users, you must report it at the time you receive your books or within 4 weeks of being issued the book. After that time, any damage to a book is solely your responsibility.
  6. Please do not write in or mark up your books in any way (except placing your name where indicated in the front of the book), since you will be charged for such damage.
  7. NEVER leave a book in the classroom. The Bookroom does not accept, “I left the book in a classroom” or, “I turned the book into my teacher” as excuses for not returning a book. Either the book is returned or you must purchase the book. Remember: If you return a book with a different barcode number than the one you were issued, your obligation is NOT cleared. Books left in lockers are not considered returned and you will be charged for them. You will not be issued any new books until all overdue books are returned or paid for.
  8. All Semester Textbooks must be returned to the Book Room by the last day of the semester, so they can be checked out to next semester’s students.
  9. All Year Course Textbooks must be returned to the Book Room by the last day of the school year.  Seniors must return their books earlier to be eligible for graduation.
  10. Novels checked out to students are due on the date stamped in the back of the book – these are often needed by other students during the semester. 

Book Room Superviser:  Betsy Horlock  331-228-5005  

Fines will be assessed as follows:
Type Fine
Barcode Damage $5.00/book
Cover/Binding Damage $10.00/book
Water or Food Damage Full Replacement Cost
Lost Textbook Full Replacement Cost
Please contact us with further questions!