Cross Country

CLICK HERE for a winter training plan.

Now that the season is officially over (with the end of the state meet), we now look to the transition towards track.

Runners should never take off more that 4 weeks.  This is counterproductive for long term growth.

There are only a few of you that are doing a winter sport (although I certainly support the idea of doing swimming or wrestling over the winter).  Therefore, you should keep running!  

There are no formal practices, nor am I allowed to coach during the off season.  Therefore, all running is "on your own."  Several athletes will take leadership roles and organize things.  The winter training plan is a guide for anyone who would like to be fit.

It is a good idea to take winter break off as well as the first week of January.  We will connect again after break to gear up for track.

It is difficult for me to try to spin a performance that was not up to our standards.  We have always embraced the opportunity to be our fastest at the end of the season, but we fell short of that as a team on Saturday.  We had the opportunity to get into the top 10 of a strong sectional field, and we did not seize that chance.

I know that the world did not come to an end and the sun came up the next day.  I know how lucky that I am that my biggest disappointment on Saturday was at a cross country race.   We did have several quality performances- Kieran came out of the water in midseason to establish himself as our number one runner and Ryan finished his freshman year as our number 4.  

Life is not perfect- and I do not expect perfection out of anyone in this program.  That being said, I do expect us to be extraordinary.  This is what gets me going everyday and this is what helps me to look at who we are and what we do.  

As we approach the state meet (congrats to Audrey and Madison for qualifying) it is a time for us to celebrate what we did well.  It is a time to recognize the seniors who have finished their high school cross country careers, and a time to continue pursuing our goals.


At the end of the season the goal is always to run our best races.  We did that today.  

We got out well, packed up and ran as a team.  It was fun to see that we built during the entire race and finished strong.  Our team average time was 16:14--- which is our best of the season.

All this said... our best is yet to come.  Sectionals is a great opportunity for us to get even better!


No matter what, the end of the season sneaks up on me.  I can't believe that most of our guys had their last race on Saturday.

I think that our varsity and open performances were as we anticipated. On the other hand, we learned a hard lesson during the frosh-soph race.  The simple fact is that we did several things well- running in packs- pulling and pushing each other- however we didn't get out well.  By not getting up on the heels of Batavia right away, we trailed their scoring pack by 20 meters for majority of the race.  Game over.  Give credit to Batavia and St. Charles East for races run well- the race was essentially over in the first half mile.

All runners are encouraged to keep running until winter break.  Please join us at practice through the state meet.  After that (the official end of the season), the off-season plan kicks in.  Coaches cannot coach when we are out of season, but a group of athletes always gets together for training.

We have a mile time trial on Wednesday.

We will be asking groups of guys to come in for small group and individual meetings over the next few weeks as well.  We value your thoughts and want to help you continue to set personal goals.