Deans' Office

Deans' Office

Our Purpose: to ensure and promote a learning environment where students are safe, confortable and ready to learn.

If you have a question or a concern, please don't hestiate to contact your son or daughter's Dean directly.


Dean's Office Staff
Student's Last Name Dean Phone Email
A-G Brenna Ohlson 331-228-6343

Kyle Molik

P-Z Sharon Stanley 331-228-3387
School Resource Officer Det. Bill Tynan 331-228-2179
Deans Office Assistant Patty Hulfachor 331-228-6279
Attendance Assistant Tamara Druck 331-228-6249
Attendance Assistant Camille Keegan 331-228-6199

 The primary functions of the Deans' Office are:

  • student behavior       
  • attendance
  • lockers
  • lost and found                                                   
  • parking                                   
  • school safety          

   enlightened *General Parking Information*enlightened

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