Hoodies for the Homeless Drive

This holiday season, Student Council is working with an organization called Hoodies for the Homeless, specifically with their veterans outreach division.  This organization collects sweatshirts and other winter items for homeless people and delivers them, along with social work services, during the cold winter months.  It is the organization's policy to only collect and distribute new items though, so our students decided to design a sweatshirt and create an online ordering portal so people could easily support his mission.  

The design on the shirt is inspired by a common quote used in the homeless community about not being invisible.  The discussion of that quote morphed into a discussion of our values as a community and then the Pledge of Allegiance, and thus the phrase "Indivisible".  The students felt it represented what our veterans have fought for and what we as a community should now pursue for them..that we're always connected, and as such, we take care of our own.  

If you'd like to order a sweatshirt for just $16, or any of the other warming accessory (ranging from $3-$5), click on the link below and order online.  You can even include a personal note that will be included with your donated item when they are delivered.  All donated items are going to be delivered in bulk to North and then our students are going to be taking them to the organization's Chicago headquarters.  Please feel free to share this opportunity as you'd like, including with your classes, but all donation orders must be in by December 17th--the online portal will close at this point.

Thank you and we hope you find this an accessible and meaning service to our veterans.  

Click here to view the Hoodie

Click here to order online