Student Life


We in the Office of Student Life encourage you to get involved in our clubs, activities and organizations. Whether you are a full-fledged member of one or more clubs or someone who participates in special events, our programs broaden the scope of your perspective and can help to round out your overall attitude about high school. 

One of the many great aspects of our programs is the opportunity for you to join clubs throughout the year. While many are yearlong, there are also organizations that have more short term commitments. Once you choose what interests you, GET INVOLVED! This will provide you with invaluable connections to your peers, advisors and the school while strengthening your commitment to academic excellence and your leadership skills.
The Office of Student Life is here to support your success by providing opportunities for you to get involved. Your active participation in our organizations and activities will help to enhance your communication, organizational and planning skills while encouraging you to pursue excellence in all that you do.  
 “Getting Involved” is what it’s all about. Social relationships, meaningful experiences beyond the school day and feeling connected to something bigger helps nurture your self esteem and builds our school community.  We can assure you, there is something for everyone here in North Star Country.
This Webpage has been prepared to give you information about our clubs and organizations and to help you in making your extracurricularcareer at St. Charles North High School successful. Read through it and make it available to your parents. 
It is the intent of the activities, clubs, organizations and the administration that no person shall be excluded from participation or be denied benefits or be subjected to discrimination under the educational program or activities described herein.
All students enrolled are eligible to participate in our Student Life program.
All students participating in extracurricular activities, clubs, organizations and events MUST have a completed Code of Conduct card on file in the Office of Student Life. These cards are filled out yearly and are available in the Office of Student Life. This is mandatory as all involved in extracurricular programs are role models and our local community admires and respects you as champion citizens for your commitment to the development of a positive school culture and climate. Academic eligibility requirements must be met weekly as well.
Students interested in any of the organizations should listen to the daily announcements, check the hallway kiosk near the nurses’ office, check out flyers in the hallways or visit the Office of Student Life for more information.