This holiday season, Student Council is working with an organization called Hoodies for the Homeless, specifically with their veterans outreach division.  This organization collects sweatshirts and other winter items for homeless people and delivers them, along with social work...

Click here for the link you must complete to participate.  It takes 3 minutes!
Note: Only students who are not participating in SCN organized basketball may compete.
For rules and further times, look on posters displayed throughout the school.


Future College Athlete Night:

Searching for the University of Your Dreams:
21 February 2018 7-9 pm Juniors and parents welcome!

All presentations will include Q&A and are located in the SCN auditorium.

Go to under College & Career and CCR Events for more information.

If you have graduated or are moving out of District 303, you must save your Google files before August 2017.  click here for details 


Click here to find the most up-to-date list of weekly college visits.

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