Staff Directory

Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Blaskoski Annette 331-228-5095 Administrative Assistant to AP College & Career Readiness
Camberis-Lutsch Heather 331-228-6230 Administrative Assistant to AP Student Services
Christenson Audra 331-228-6372 Principal
Eigenhauser Chris 331-228-6251 Treasurer
Handley Jane 331-228-6265 Administrative Assistant to AP Student Life
Innocenti Lori 331-228-6871 Administrative Assistant
Kaduk Bernadette 331-228-6291 Administrative Assistant - Receptionist
LaFreniere Carrie 331-228-2180 Administrative Assistant
Ludvik Jerilynn 331-228-6315 Administrative Assistant
McManus Marilyn 331-228-6372 Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Nelson Mary 331-228-6339 Student Information Systems Specialist
Norman David 331-228-6604 Assistant Principal Student Services
Peters John 331-228-6401 Assistant Principal - College & Career Readiness
Reynolds Renee 331-228-6219 Assistant Principal Instructional Programs
Roberts Melinda 331-228-6265 Assistant Principal for Student Life
Rubieles Julio 331-228-6377 Head Custodian
Schulthess Andreas 331-228-6385 Building Manager
Zucker Tina 331-228-6424 Administrative Assistant to AP Instructional Programs
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Brannon Debra 331-228-6218 Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director
Dolney Daniel 331-228-6260 Athletic Director
Moose Shannon 331-228-2197 Athletic Trainer
Whaley Brittani 331-228-2197 Athletic Trainer
Career & Technical Education
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Bader Laura 331-228-6537 Technology Education Teacher
Bostrand Eric 331-228-6214 Business Education Teacher
Brink Kandace 331-228-6222 Lead Teacher for Technology/Family & Consumer Science
Brown Marsha 331-228-6223 Technology Education Teacher
Downey Kristen 331-228-6284 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Haftl Stephen 331-228-6264 Business Education Teacher
Horn Michael 331-228-6277 Business Education Teacher
Leatherman Denise 331-228-6303 Lead Teacher for Business Education/School Store
O'Connell Beth 331-228-6350 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Pinks Timothy 331-228-6357 Technology Education Teacher
Pravica Steven 331-228-6361 Technology Education Teacher
Smith Michael 331-228-6393 Business Education Teacher/School Store
Ugbi-Okonkwo Blessing 331-228-6510 Technology Education Teacher
Warner Susan 331-228-6411 Technology Assistant
College & Career Readiness
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Collins Amy 331-228-6235 Guidance Counselor
Freitag Robert 331-228-6257 Guidance Counselor
James Jeanine 331-228-6283 Guidance Counselor
Johnson Susan 331-228-6289 Registrar
Kirby Matthew 331-228-6295 Guidance Counselor
Moffitt Laurie 331-228-5258 Guidance Counselor
Nothnagel Larry 331-228-6341 Guidance Counselor
Porter Karen 331-228-6359 Administrative Assistant
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Amezotchi Lindsay 331-228-6202 English Teacher
Battaglia Elizabeth 331-228-6207 English Teacher
Burlingame Jacob 331-228-6227 English Teacher
Callahan Brian 331-228-6229 English Teacher
Colton Ryan 331-228-6236 English Teacher
D'Onofrio Melissa Melissa.D' 331-228-6246 English Teacher & ALOP Coordinator
Froemling Alice 331-228-6370 English Teacher
Hawkins Lindsey 331-228-6271 English Teacher
Manheim Erin 331-228-6322 English Teacher
McCleary Katherine 331-228-6323 English Teacher & Instructional Support Coach
Polzin Amanda 331-228-6358 English Teacher
Pozzi Carrianne 331-228-6360 English Teacher
Roberts Robin 331-228-6374 English Teacher
Ruckoldt Matthew 331-228-6378 Lead Teacher for English
Schiller Sue 331-228-6704 English Teacher
Schmidt Jason 331-228-6382 English Teacher
Shoaf Jennifer 331-228-6390 English Teacher
Szmajda Sandra 331-228-6402 English Teacher
Von Essen Scott 331-228-6408 English Teacher
Von Essen Shannon 331-228-6409 English Teacher
Williams Kristin 331-228-6413 English Teacher
Wyllys Jared 331-228-2987 English Teacher
Fine Arts
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Foy Lacy 331-228-6255 Art Teacher
Halvorson Krista 331-228-6879 Music Teacher
Lydigsen Jennifer 331-228-5801 Music Teacher
Molloy Michael 331-228-6332 Music Teacher
Pietrie Joseph Jr 331-228-6355 Auditorium Manager
Schuck Taylor 331-228-3398 Art Teacher
Schulten Karissa 331-228-6384 Art Teacher
Vincent Sally 331-228-6407 Art Teacher
Wennemar Laurie 331-228-6718 Art Teacher