Materials Drop Off & Locker Clean Out 2020

Please follow the instructions attached for dropping off school materials and cleaning out lockers.

Dear Parents,

Attached you will find the comprehensive instructions and details to sign up your child for their end-of-the-year Material Drop Off/Locker Clean Out. It contains all of the necessary information to manage this process. You will notice that students are only allowed to access lockers in the building. This is to limit the number of contacts that happen within the building during this process while allowing students to retrieve necessary personal property. Student work and projects that are currently in classrooms can be retrieved at the start of next school year. Seniors who have work to be picked up from classrooms will coordinate that with their respective teachers at a later time. Students who are unable to make the designated days or miss their scheduled appointments will have an opportunity to pick up their materials and drop off their school property on a make-up day to be announced later in the summer. If you have trouble with the link provided in the attachment, please cut and paste the address into a new window. This should clear up any issue accessing the sign up site.       

Instructions for Materials Drop Off and Clean Out

Originally posted: May 09, 2020

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303